Apparel Merchandising

These courses are designed for the students who wish to enter fashion and clothing industry in administrative side. The course has been designed to extensively cover the areas on Buying, Merchandising, Retail Operations, Fashion Co-ordinations, International marketing, Quality Control , Garment Costing and production Management etc., besides one additional foreign languages.

Apparel Merchandising One Year Diploma Course

  • The outline of the Course :-
  • Management Studies in
  • Production Control
  • Documentation
  • Quality Control
  • Work Study
  • Design Development
  • Buying & Marketing
  • The student under this course learns how the company manufactures clothing, how its management operates and also participates in a project within a company

    Career Options

  • Executive Trainees
  • Merchandiser (Domestic/ Overseas)
  • Production Co ordinator
  • Quality Control Supervisor
  • Fashion Retailer
  • Export Manager
  • Showroom Manager
  • Manager in Buying Agencies.
  • Overseas Positions with Multinationals
  • Manager (Costing & Production)

Apparel Merchandising Two Years Advance Diploma Course

  • The outline of the Course :-
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Merchandising Principles and Case Studies
  • International Marketing and Buying
  • Fashion Management Principles
  • Quality Control in Garment Business
  • Production and Factory Management
  • Fabric Science
  • Garment Costing and Economics
  • French Languages
  • Computer Applications
  • Garment Documentation and Shipment Principlest
  • Case Studies and Industrial Reports
  • French
  • Quality Control Measurements
  • Case Studies, Design Collection etc.